3 Angel Number

Single digit 3 angel number and its meaning becomes foundation for all the angel numbers as it a master number. In this article of angel number 3, we will explore the meaning of it and what it means in the area of love for twin flames, family, career and finance.

3 angel number is all about growth, expansion and persistence. It is a message of divine blessing and great fortune from Trinity signifying the bond of love, unity, new member and wealth. When decoded, it is guidance, support and blessing coming to you and your family from above. As it is written “The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow to it”.

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3 Angel number meaning

  • Signifies blessing of the Lord and divine grace from above to prosper.
  • Numerology: considered as the number of the Ascended Masters and builder working for you.
  • Spiritually: Perfect person with harmony among body, soul and spirit.
  • Love: Presence of angel to support you in your persistence towards relationship or finding the twin flame.
  • Career: Strength to continue your efforts towards building your brand and achieve growth.
  • Finance: blessing to make finances work for so that it can return many fold to you.
  • Doreen Virtue: a message to be optimist, inspired and joyful.
  • Joanne: a message to be creative, expressive and being spontaneous for expansion and growth.
  • Bible: a number of double blessing when god said “it is good twice” for his work.

The angel number 3 is not common as it is of single digit, but its repetitions like 33, 333 and 3333 have been observed by many. The meaning of all of them are driven from the angel number three. The repetition are common because they have higher attention catching capability. It is unique to you if your name or birth calculation comes to 3 and is of higher significance unto you.

The encounter of Angel Number 3 is a message to continue and persist in the work that you do, while from the heavens you receive blessing and favor so that you are successful. It signifies your nature and determination to act on what you think, and your self-discipline to maintain a good and consistent lifestyle. The angel is brining forth good tidings and blessings so that everything that you do will prosper.

You should continue your efforts in the areas of love, finding twin flame, career and finances. Presence of this angel number indicates that help has come from above so that you are successful. Your work, you and divine favor will change the situation for you so that you can meet the goals of your life. In love, Angel number 3 signifies the presence of your twin flame in your immediate vicinity to bring good luck, fortune and completeness to you.

The most common and perfect meaning of angel number 3 for married couples is to prepare themselves for a new life entering into their family. A blessing from above that will bring joy which would last forever. A new child that would bring you both together in your relationship and increase the expression of love and care. It’s time to get prepared for that. May not mean exactly right now you should go for it, but to prepare yourselves. It is a big responsibility as well, hence do not hurry but yet desire for it and then discuss and plan it together.