Are Angel Numbers real?

In this article, we will explore if Angel number are real and legit or merely coincidences? For that, let’s relook quickly the definition from the article titled as what are angel numbers. Angel numbers are simply a series of numbers that catch people attention but are believed to be driven by angels or divine beings, or whatever you call them. They are often the result of a person’s prayer or meditation, and are a message or a sign, affirming and guiding on an important matter of life. Angel numbers presented on this site are based on numerology. Neither are angels numbers equal to numerology.

It’s a personal decision to believe in them or not, or even to overwrite the meaning of them based on the circumstances of encounter, historical experiences of life and the belief system.

So, Angel Numbers are legit or Fake? To establish this matter of faith, we will consider practical experiences of people and relation of numbers in various religions, scriptures, numerology and science.

Experiences of People

Millions of people from worldwide from every creed and religion have reported this phenomenon of noticing number sequences in dreams, on clocks, timers, license plates, bills, street numbers, etc. The significant part in all of them was that these influenced and guided their decisions, saving them from wrong decisions and brining good results and renewed energy to pursue dreams and endure the hardships.

We are calling this phenomenon as Angel Numbers. The term and study of Angel Number became popular when the meanings of repeated numbers matched across the community, and this whole thing was titled as Angel Numbers by various authors in their books of Angel Numbers.

Various people have shared their Angel Number stories, encounters and experiences on the community forums and have logged them.


We conducted a poll to find out what people thought about angel numbers and whether their experience proved them to be real or mere coincidences? The results were over 92% found them to be true and helpful. Now we are conducting a fresh poll of the most common angel Numbers that they witnessed.


Angel Numbers in Religions

The concept of Angels or divine good spirits exists in almost every religion. They can be called by various names, but the perspective is god or the almighty has spiritual beings under him, who follow his orders and do as commanded. Some of those commands are to guide and help human beings. These spiritual beings mostly interact with indirectly and invisibly by providing intuitions and pointing signs. All the religions have this common rule when interacting with them: “only take the message or guidance that they bring and do not trouble them or personally seek them”. And also numbers themselves have unique meanings in religions like patterns, prediction of future, while some are linked to the acts of god and even some are sacred or consecrated. Hence, the meaning of these Angel numbers is also influenced by the belief system of a person.

Angel Numbers in Islam

As per Quran, Angels or malaikah, were created before humans with the purpose of following the orders of Allah and communicating with humans. So Muslims believe in Angels. Now Are angel numbers haram? No, they are Mubah (permitted optionally) when understood that the Angel is brining the message as per the orders of Allah in the form of a sign, here numbers. The limitation is that we should not make any efforts to force our will on them or get into superstition or personally try to contact them. Within these boundaries, it is acceptable and good. Fortune-telling is strictly forbidden in Islam and is haram.

Angel Numbers in Christianity

Bible declares that Angels are created by God and are divine and spiritual beings crowned with glory and honor. They are faithful servants of god, obeying and fulfilling commands of God. Angel Numbers are biblical when the angel brings the message or guidance at the will of god and a Christian should test it based on the encounter, meaning, conviction and confirmation provided by god in his heart or spirit. In addition, the bible disallows using spirits for consultation (Deut 18:10–12) but allows Christians to hear and accept the message when Angels speaks (Num 22 and Book of Acts). Here is the wisdom.

For future ref: Jer 5:30-31, 2 Tim 4:3 (NIV), Deut 18:10-12, Lev 20:27, 1 Cor 12:31, Heb 1:1-2, eze 13:2-3,10, mark 8:36, prov imagination & doreen virtue video.

Are angel numbers in the bible? No, there is no direct reference to Angel numbers in the bible. Note that the bible condemns standalone numerology as detailed in a quote from Gotquestions “Numerology is an occult practice that has no basis in Scripture and no place in the Christian life. Although the Bible uses numbers such as 7 and 40 to represent specific things, this does not mean that every number has a hidden meaning. Numerology is a form of fortune-telling, which the Bible absolutely condemns (Lev 19:31; Deut 18:10–13; Gal 5:19–20)”.

Angel numbers support from

Numerology and astrology also support it as identifying pattern and understanding cosmos under the belief that everything has its own significance and value in the entire universe. This study of numbers has historical roots spanning across civilizations and each deriving their meaning suitable in their centuries.

Angel Numbers phenomenon is not numerology, neither are its roots from it. The foundational difference is Angel Numbers are driven by spiritual beings and interact with individuals, whereas numerology is standalone and study of numbers in respect to the universe or driven by it.

For new age kids, a quote from Pythagoras: “Everything in the Universe is mathematically precise, and that each number has its own vibration and meaning”. Hence, the placement of the numbers in a sequence holds special meaning.

Science supports it under the medical and Psychological grounds. The concept is that, a person with positive thinking and having hope for things of life is active and energetic. Thus, giving a balance of mind, clear thoughts, health, and success. As these angel numbers encourages a person to act based on his interpretation, it helps their physical health and mental health.

“The belief system of a person is a powerful source of energy”.

Bad Angel Numbers

Now if you are wondering can angel numbers be bad or evil and contain warnings? For warnings Yes and for Bad it depends. The very essence of angel numbers is to provide support and guidance by your angel through the means of numbers, so they are always good and for your betterment, even if they include correction to your lifestyle or actions. As an example of warning, the angel number 2 is a warning to give space to your partner.

The moment where angel numbers become bad is when you get irritated by hearing too much about them. Or when unwanted numbers keep appearing to you, but you know that neither are they for you nor are driven by your angel. Such instances can occur in your routine daily routine, as an example, going to office or taking ride from a station and the default sign board has the same number every day. The solution is to have self-control, as your mind and thoughts as overpowering your will, which in itself is a bigger problem, forget about angel numbers. You need to take time for yourself and achieve self-discipline, calmness and peace.

In conclusion, we have established that Angel Number are not some cult thing, but our belief system of perceiving and interpreting the things within the boundaries of our faith. Now we must get to the ultimate of seeing angel numbers.