Seeing Angel Numbers

By now we have understood what are Angel numbers with their significance and types of Angel Numbers (if not, check them first). Now we have to understand the why, what, where and when of Angel Numbers. This is needed for us to interpret the meaning of angel numbers in various segments of love (relationships, twin flame), profession(career, business, passion), finance(money, wealth, investments) and even unique cases like pregnancy, healing, death, breakup and so on.

Why do I keep seeing angel numbers

Now the question is what does it mean when you keep seeing angel numbers and why do i keep seeing angel numbers? Why do some of us see multiple different mirrored angel numbers constanty and every hour in one day, or at the same place & time every day?

You keep seeing angel numbers because you’re being encouraged, helped, guided and directed by your Angel in making the best decision for current situation or for a particular area of life. Your intuition, faith and knowledge will help you to decipher the message and take a best course of action. If you are seeing multiple, then each number has a unique message for a particular area. It would become very easy once get the fundamental education and learn the art of decoding any angel number through this angel number’s website.

seeing angel numbers video
seeing angel numbers video
seeing angel numbers video
seeing angel numbers video

What does angel numbers mean for

  • Spirit: Love, Peace, Joy, spiritual growth, getting a deeper connection with self (knowing who you are), improving belief system and connecting with your Angels and the Holy one.
  • Soul: Calmness, sound mind, mental health, balance, imagination, ideas and creativity and comaptible twin flame, taking pleasure in the works of God and enjoying all that he has created for us & around us.
  • Body: Health, healing, strength, direction, works to do and feeling and experiencing physically all of the above
  • World: favor, accomplishments, breakthroughs in career, business, finance, growth and relationships.

Where do you see Angel Numbers

  • Mystically: Dreams, Sound in ear/head, implanted in our being (the gut feeling of I know it)
  • in Nature: Patterns in clouds, Rainbows, flashes of light in sky, formation of light flies
  • in everyday life on clock, timestamps, alarms, bills, sign board, posters etc

When do you see Angel Numbers

  • When thinking of someone
  • When planning your work
  • after prayer
  • at most critical decision times
  • when in need of guidance or encouragement
  • when you need to be realigned to your destination

Now the time has come for you to make the most exciting inquiry: What is my Angel Number?