What is an Angel Number

An Angel Number is a unique number or a sequence of numbers having a unique connection with you and a message for you by your guardian angel. This angel number is special because it is driven by an Angel, a divine being, and provide guidance to you at the right time. Hence, Angel numbers are of more value and significance than horoscope, zodiac signs, Lucky number etc.

Definition: The word angel number is derived from the belief that a sequence of numbers are being sent to us by angels. The Angels want us to know that they are watching over us and providing guidance on significant matters of life at the right moment.

Be aware that Angel number’s meaning may vary from person to person based on their belief system, culture and experiences of life. But you will find them closely associated to ones provided on this website. These have been collected from people who have encountered them, polls, statistics and subject experts of this field.

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What are Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers are numbers that you see frequently but catch your attention in a particular season. These can be single or multiple digit numbers, signified by their appearance to you at the most critical times and leaving a mark on you. In a literal sense, they are just numbers, but their value increases significantly due to their appearance to you in a seasoned time, the message that they carry and the way you interact with them.

In this Angel Number’s website you will find the ultimate guide for your journey in identification of angel numbers, interpretation of the message and the course of action to be taken when you encounter them.

Examples of manifestation of Angel Numbers

  • Waking up every day and exactly seeing 4:44 on clock
  • Your morning breakfast bill always coming up as $9.99
  • Every time you see your angel number, the atmosphere around you changes

These can appear in dreams and various places like: license plates, addresses, phone numbers, prices at the store, digital clocks, sign boards etc.

Significance of Angel Numbers

The angel numbers are significant because of their mystical appearance and the force behind them. You are already encountering the numbers. Some name them as spiritual numbers or manifestation numbers but we are naming the phenomena as Angel Numbers, as they are driven by divine Angels. The guardian angel numbers are linked to your life experiences, but the seasoned angel number carry even higher weightage due to the message contained in them for a particular situation in that season of time.

Unlike numerology, zodiac signs, life path number calculation and astrology birth charts, Angel Numbers aren’t much determined by your birthdate and name. While these studies offer insight on your likes, dislikes, personality and preferences, angel numbers don’t shed light on your identity. Rather, they project your connection with the world around you and vice versa, guiding to your destiny.

Yes, I agree that these can be coincidences. Hence, now you have to build faith by finding if Angel numbers are real? And then learn on how to identify and find your angel number.